The Madness

March Madness is just around the corner, which means that people all over North America will pretend to be college basketball fans for a few weeks.


There really isn’t anything quite like it. Imagine living in a world where anything is possible.


I’m not talking about silly things like flight, space travel, and modern medicine. I’m talking about a 15 beating a 2, like Lehigh over Duke in 2012. Or an 11 making it to the Elite Eight like VCU did in 2011.


In case you’ve never gone mad in March, here are some highlights you’ve missed:


The coaches even get so excited that they fall off their chairs!


Gus Johnson yells “OHH!” so many times you’d think he’s a one trick pony.

To be honest, I was going to put a compilation of his best calls here, but that would seem too fake, because you might think that it only puts in his one best line from each game. Instead, I’ve put a clip from one game. No one knows if Gus survived calling this or not.

For those keeping track, he just said “OHH!” 10 times in 2:27 video.

Even Chris Webber, an NBA All-Star, has made his mark on the tournament. As part of one of the most influential college teams of all time, he really shat the bed one year.


But let’s stop living in the past. Here are some predictions for this year’s tournament:

• People will hate on Duke for being Duke
• Some small school no one has ever heard of will lose in the first round, and very few people will care
• Gus Johnson, if he’s willing to put his heart through this again, will not survive the tournament

And finally, and most importantly….Xavier will win the National Championship. ________________________________________________

Kraft Dinner advice of the week: The flavour becomes cheesier if you put in the cheese powder.

Enjoy your week!

Happy sporting,


The Madness

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