Athlete Profile

Name: N/A


Better known as: That guy in your beer league who could’ve gone pro.


Favourite Player: Someone in college who was a star but then didn’t do much in the pros, successful pros are too mainstream.


Position: Star.


Role: Goal scorer, obviously.


Favourite memory: “Yea I remember this one time, it was the city finals, I was playing 1 vs 5 because of circumstances that I can’t remember. I was knifing through defenders like you wouldn’t believe. I remember it was cloudy that day. Anyways, we were down 2 with less than a minute to go, I scored a hat trick to win it. It was the fastest recorded hat trick in shinny history.”


Reason for not going pro: “Blew out my knee.”


Reason for not going pro: “Got an offer overseas but I didn’t want to uproot my family.”


Reason for not going pro: “I didn’t have a passion for the game for a while.”


Reason for not going pro: “They said I had a unique skill set that they didn’t want the league seeing yet.”


Future plans: “Got a big game coming up next week against the squad from the Early Bird Senior Home . They’re a good squad and it’s gonna be a tough game out there.”


Game film:




Resume writing advice of the week: Include things that are good, not things that are bad.

Enjoy your week!

Happy sporting,



Athlete Profile

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