Thank You

Today was my last day of classes in Crecomm. With the end of classes come a bit of a break from blogging.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading both this blog and my previous blog, Learning2Charm.

Stay tuned because who knows what the future will bring. Maybe some more posts on here. Maybe some more love advice.

Thanks again!


Laundry advice of the week: Use detergent.

Happy sporting!

Enjoy your week,


Thank You

What Do I Do Now?

It’s a dilemma as old as time. The season is winding down, the best teams have clinched playoff births, others are fighting for survival, and some already know when their seasons will end.

This can lead to an incredibly dark time in people’s lives. Consider, for example, the San Antonio Spurs. This season, the Spurs will be heading to their 19th straight post season. Can you imagine how their fans would feel if they didn’t make the playoffs next season? That would be absolutely tragic for them.

Keeping that in mind, imagine how all of Canada must feel right now. Zero Canadian teams will make the NHL playoffs. People will be rattled. People will be crushed. People will be looking for things to do to take their mind off of the season that was.

Here are a few tips, tricks, and activities to help ease the pain:

Find a bandwagon, jump on, stay for the ride. 

It’s like a summer fling; it’s fun while it lasts, but it’s not where your heart truly rests.

Take a pottery class.

There is truly nothing better than crafting a nice vase, am I right? Time consuming and ultimately rewarding. Pottery its the way to go.

Create a blog that makes light of what you love, i.e. sports…

Get a new phone game.

Those things can take up so much time. First you’re downloading Hay Day, then in the blink of an eye you’re running the most wonderful farm in all the land, equipped with cows, chickens, and pigs.


A good cry can help you get over the absence of the post season. Tears are transformative. Allow yourself to be transformed. We all have the capacity to change. #deep.

Adopt a pet. 

Bring home a cuddle buddy in your time of need.

No matter what you do, please remember that there is always next season. Unless, of course, your team is in it’s final season, in which case that sucks big time and I have no advice for you.


Social media advice of the week: make sure you have an account before you try and post, those help big time.

Happy sporting!

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What Do I Do Now?

Contest Winner/Video Games

First thing first, congratulations to Trey Evenson for winning the Sports Movies Contest. Be wise with your gift card. Perhaps you could spend the money on something for me, you know, as a thank you for giving you the chance to get the card in the first place. Just an idea.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, it was a thrilling battle. Each of you were assigned a number based not the order of the comments and then random number generator went to work.

Now for the actual post.

I play a lot of video games. I only play sports games because the other ones are all too hard and therefore not worth learning how to play.

The problem with sports games, though, is that they can get kind of boring and repetitive. When you’re playing with friends, changing up the rules of the game can make a great difference in the experience you get.

The best games to do this with are basketball games.

Here are just a few examples that can help you get out of your rut:

Only one player can score – but it can’t be the best player

The last time I played this style, it was Cavs vs. Warriors. What that really means is that it was Klay vs. J.R. Smith. The lack of Lebron and Steph made it thrilling, and it changed the dynamic. Only way to get out of a slump is to shoot more.

Best of 7 of best of 7s

This one is a bit confusing. Here’s how it works:

• Each player picks one team. Those are the teams for the first best of 7.
• At the end of each best of 7, each player picks a new team.
• A winner is crowned when one player has won four best of 7s

Only alley-oops

Only alley-oops.

Only bigs/only threes

Prepare for a low scoring game unless you have someone like Channing Frye on your team. Simply put, the only players allowed on the court are centres and power forwards, and they’re only allowed to shoot three pointers.

As you may have noticed, these rules and games are complete bogus, which means you can make up any rule!

If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section and I’d love to give them a try.


Dental floss advice of the week: Mint coated is dope.

Enjoy your week!

Happy sporting,



Contest Winner/Video Games

Sports Movies/Contest

There is nothing better than curling up with a bowl of soup and watching a movie.


Actually, there are better things.


But there is definitely nothing better than a true underdog story. You know, one in which the underdog beats the top dog?


Actually, there are probably better things than that too.


In any case, here are my Top 10 Sports Movies ever. This list is definitive. You’re entitled to your own opinions but I can’t guarantee those will be correct.


Here’s the list:


10: Juwanna Mann (Don’t scoff, it’s actually hilarious.)


Sport: Basketball. But the movie really just takes us on a journey to discover ourselves.


9: We Are Marshall


Sport: Football/not-laughing-at-Matthew-McConaughey’s-accent-contest.


8: Foxcatcher


Sport: Wrestling. Far too intese to joke about.


7: Rocky IV


Sport: Boxing/The Cold War.


6: Glory Road


Sport: Basketball/Trying to spot Julian from One Tree Hill.


5: Warrior


Sport: UFC/Tom Hardy-watching. Yes. I talked about Tom Hardy again, so what. No one cares enough to call me out on it.


4: The Fighter


Sport: Boxing/Overcoming inner demons.


3: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


Sport: ^^


2: Coach Carter


Sport: Basketball/anticipating Samuel L. Jackson’s next move.


1: Friday Night Lights


Sport: Football. Life. Heartbreak. Heartwarmth. Love. Passion. Desire. Take your pick. It’s perfect.



CONTEST: Comment your favourite sports movie and favourite quote from it below to be entered to win a $20.00 gift card to Sport Check!


Monkey bars advice of the week: hold on to the bars.


Enjoy your week!


Happy sporting,



Sports Movies/Contest

The Gym

Before we get going with this week’s blog. If you’re interested in sports, check out this week’s edition of the Sports Fanatics Podcast, where I was lucky enough to be a guest analyst.


Ahh yes. The gym. Going there is no fun, that is, unless you enjoy going.

Recently I’ve become more consistent with my gym routine. I decided that my goal in life was to look like Tom Hardy, and therefore I needed to step up my game.

If you haven’t seen me lately, I am as buff as him.

If you have seen me lately, I apologize for lying in the previous sentence.

Regardless of who does or does not look like anyone, going to the gym can be intimidating.

To help you get over that initial fear, here are the 10 people you’re bound to see at every gym ever:

10: The kid that’s going pro in his/her respective sport.

9: The older folks who take exercise class. They’re so cute.

8: The couple that works out together all couply and full of coupleness.

7: The roid guy. This guy loves roids. As in steriods.

6: Roid guy’s friend. Very similar in zero ways because he chose not to get on the juice.

5: The first timers club. (Full disclosure, I’ve been in this club countless times). These people walk around the gym looking like they’re tired, but in reality they haven’t done anything yet. They’re simply scoping out different machines and are too intimidated to try one and find out that they don’t know how to work it. Or even worse, they try something and aren’t strong enough.

4: Cell phone person. This person rides either a stationary bike or the elliptical for hours. They have it at the lowest setting so that they can talk on their phone. They’re under the impression everyone wants to hear their conversations.

3: Selfie-ers. Make sure you don’t need a mirror when you’re at the gym, these people called dibs on all of them.

2: The beautiful one. This can either be a guy or a girl, but either way, they know who they are. Everyone in the gym, regardless of sexual orientation, can’t look away. They don’t always have to be strong, they just have to be there. Beautiful people, we know you know who you are, own it.

1: The “Oh I can help you with that” guy. This guy can help you with that. No matter the exercise you’re doing, he can help you. Guaranteed you didn’t ask him for help, but he’s there for you. Guaranteed you don’t want his help, but he’ll give it. If he sees someone who doesn’t need a spotter, guess what he does? He spots. He loves telling you how to improve the exercises you’re doing. He knows best, even when you don’t want to know, or care to know.

His secondary line is “Let me show you how I do it.” He follows this by adding 400 lbs. and doing 50 reps. Then says, “see how I did it? Now you try.”


Presentation advice of the week: Make sure you speak when you’re giving a presentation. You’ll get your message across more efficiently by speaking.

Happy sporting!

Enjoy your week,


The Gym

The Madness

March Madness is just around the corner, which means that people all over North America will pretend to be college basketball fans for a few weeks.


There really isn’t anything quite like it. Imagine living in a world where anything is possible.


I’m not talking about silly things like flight, space travel, and modern medicine. I’m talking about a 15 beating a 2, like Lehigh over Duke in 2012. Or an 11 making it to the Elite Eight like VCU did in 2011.


In case you’ve never gone mad in March, here are some highlights you’ve missed:


The coaches even get so excited that they fall off their chairs!


Gus Johnson yells “OHH!” so many times you’d think he’s a one trick pony.

To be honest, I was going to put a compilation of his best calls here, but that would seem too fake, because you might think that it only puts in his one best line from each game. Instead, I’ve put a clip from one game. No one knows if Gus survived calling this or not.

For those keeping track, he just said “OHH!” 10 times in 2:27 video.

Even Chris Webber, an NBA All-Star, has made his mark on the tournament. As part of one of the most influential college teams of all time, he really shat the bed one year.


But let’s stop living in the past. Here are some predictions for this year’s tournament:

• People will hate on Duke for being Duke
• Some small school no one has ever heard of will lose in the first round, and very few people will care
• Gus Johnson, if he’s willing to put his heart through this again, will not survive the tournament

And finally, and most importantly….Xavier will win the National Championship. ________________________________________________

Kraft Dinner advice of the week: The flavour becomes cheesier if you put in the cheese powder.

Enjoy your week!

Happy sporting,


The Madness

Athlete Profile

Name: N/A


Better known as: That guy in your beer league who could’ve gone pro.


Favourite Player: Someone in college who was a star but then didn’t do much in the pros, successful pros are too mainstream.


Position: Star.


Role: Goal scorer, obviously.


Favourite memory: “Yea I remember this one time, it was the city finals, I was playing 1 vs 5 because of circumstances that I can’t remember. I was knifing through defenders like you wouldn’t believe. I remember it was cloudy that day. Anyways, we were down 2 with less than a minute to go, I scored a hat trick to win it. It was the fastest recorded hat trick in shinny history.”


Reason for not going pro: “Blew out my knee.”


Reason for not going pro: “Got an offer overseas but I didn’t want to uproot my family.”


Reason for not going pro: “I didn’t have a passion for the game for a while.”


Reason for not going pro: “They said I had a unique skill set that they didn’t want the league seeing yet.”


Future plans: “Got a big game coming up next week against the squad from the Early Bird Senior Home . They’re a good squad and it’s gonna be a tough game out there.”


Game film:




Resume writing advice of the week: Include things that are good, not things that are bad.

Enjoy your week!

Happy sporting,



Athlete Profile